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[73] Synthesis of the pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrrole-based copolymer with enhanced open circuit voltage
Suhee Song, Seo-Jin Ko, Hyunmin Shin, Youngeup Jin, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim*, Hongsuk Suh*
Synthetic Met. (IF=1.829) 162(24), 2288-2293 (2012.12.31). (Link)
[72] A Selenophene Analogue of PCDTBT:Selective Fine-Tuning of LUMO to Lower of the Bandgap for Efficient Polymer Solar Cells
Boram Kim1, Hye Rim Yeom1Myoung Hee Yun, Jin Young Kim*, Changduc Yang*
Macromolecules (IF=5.169) 45(21), 8658-8664 (2012.11.13). (Link)
[71] Observation of Ambipolar Field-effect Behavior in Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Copolymer
Shinuk Cho*, Jung Hwa Seo, Gi-Hwan KimJin Young Kim*, Han Young Woo*
J. Mater. Chem. (IF=5.968) 22(39), 21238-21241 (2012.09.18). (Link)
[70] Fabrication of Water Soluble Conjugated Polymers for WOLED
Suhee Song1Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh, Youngeup Jin*
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. (IF=0.580) 567, 171-177, 2012 (2012.09.17). (Link)

[69] A Simultaneous Achievement of High Performance and Extended Thermal Stability of Bulk-Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells Using a Polythiophene-Fullerene block copolymer
Myoung Hee Yun, Jonggi Kim, Changduk Yang*, Jin Young Kim*
Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. C. (IF=4.542) 104, 7-12 (2012.09). (Link)
[68] Replacing 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole with 2,1,3-naphthothiadiazole in PCDTBT: towards a low bandgap polymer with deep HOMO energy level
Jonggi Kim1, Myoung Hee Yun1Gi-Hwan KimJin Young Kim*, and Changduk Yang*
Polym. Chem. (IF=5.321) 3 (12), 3276-3281 (2012.08.23) (Link)
[67] Synthesis and characterization of a bis-methanofullerene-4-nitro-α-cyanostilbene dyad as a potential acceptor for high-performance polymer solar cells
Boram Kim, Hye Rim Yeom, Won-Youl Choi, Jin Young Kim*, Changduk Yang*
Tetrahedron (IF=3.025) 68(33), 6696-6700 (2012.08.19). (Link)
[66] Multifunctional Quinoxaline Containing Small Molecule with Multiple Electron-Donating Moieties: Solvatochromic and Optoelectronic Properties
Dong Wook Chang, Seo-Jin Ko, Jin Young Kim*, Liming Dai*, Jong-Beom Baek*
Synthetic Met. (IF=1.829) 162(13-14), 1169-1176 (2012.08). (Link)
[65] Highly Efficient Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Using Graphene Oxide as a Hole Transport Layer
Bo Ram Lee, Jung-woo Kim, Dongwoo Kang, Dong Wook Lee, Seo-Jin Ko, Hyun Jung Lee, Chang-Lyoul Lee, Jin Young Kim, Hyeon Suk  Shin*, Myoung Hoon Song*
ACS Nano (IF=11.421) 6(4), 2984-2991 (2012.04.24). (Link)
[64] Photovoltaic performance of bifunctional low band gap conjugated copolymer
Myoung Hee Yun, Junghoon Lee, Shinuk Cho*, Changduk Yang*, Jin Young Kim*
Curr. Appl. Phys. (IF=1.900) 12(2), 531-533 (2012.03). (Link)
[63] Easily Attainable Phenothiazine-Based Polymers for Polymer Solar Cells: Advantage of Insertion of S,S-dioxides into its Polymer for Inverted Structure Solar Cells
Gyoungsik Kim, Hye Rim Yeom, Shinuk Cho, Jung Hwa Seo, Jin Young Kim*, Changduk Yang*
Macromolecules (IF=5.169) 45(4), 1847-1857 (2012.02.28). (Link)
[62] Efficient Conventional- and Inverted- Type Photovoltaic Cells Using a Planar Alternating Polythiophene Copolymer
Wonho Lee, Hyosung Choi, Sungu Hwang, Jin Young Kim*, Han Young Woo*
Chem. -Eur. J. (IF=5.925) 18(9), 2551-2558 (2012.02.27). (Link)
[61] Novel 4,7-Dithien-2-yl-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole-based Conjugated Copolymers with Cyano Group in Vinylene Unit for Photovoltaic Applications
Jinwoo Kim, Mihee Heo, Youngeup Jin, Jaehong Kim, Joo Young Shim, Suhee Song, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim, and Hongsuk Suh*
Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. (IF=0.982) 33(2), 629-635 (2012.02.20). (Link)

[60] Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of copolymers based on 2,2-(1,5-pentamethylene)-2H-benzimidazole
Suhee Song, Ilsoo Kang, Gi-Hwan Kim, Youngeup Jin, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh*
Synthetic Met. (IF=1.829) 162(1-2), 225-230 (2012.02). (Link)
[59] Toward the Realization of A Practical Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Small Molecule for Improved Efficiency in Ternary BHJ Solar Cells
Junghoon Lee, Myoung Hee Yun, Jonggi Kim, Jin Young Kim*, Changduk Yang*
Macromol. Rapid Comm. (IF=4.596) 33(2), 140-145 (2012.01.27). (Link)
[58] Highly Crystalline and Low Bandgap Donor Polymers for Efficient Polymer Solar Cells
Jun Liu, Hyosung ChoiJin Young Kim, Michael Durstock, Liming Dai*
Adv. Mater. (IF=13.877) 24(4), 538-542 (2012.01.24). (Link)
[57] Molecular Engineering of Conjugated Polymers for Solar Cells and Field-Effect Transistors: Side-Chain Versus Main-Chain Electron Acceptors
Dong Wook Chang, Seo-Jin KoGi-Hwan Kim, Seo-Yoon Bae, Jin Young Kim*, Liming Dai*, Jong-Beom Baek*
J. Polym. Sci. Poly. Chem. (IF=3.919) 50(2), 271-279 (2012.01.15).  (Link)
[56] 2,5-di(thiophen-2-yl)thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole-Based Donor-Acceptor Type Copolymers for Photovoltaic Cells
Eunjaea Jeong1, Gi-Hwan Kim1, In Hwan Jung, Jin Young Kim*, Han Young Woo*
Curr. Appl. Phys. (IF=1.900) 12(1), 11-16 (2012.01). (Link)
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