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[107] Enhanced Performance of Polymer Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Employing Multifunctional Iridium Complexes
Myoung Hee Yun, Eung Lee, Woochul Lee, Hyosung Choi, Bo Ram Lee, Myoung Hoon Song, Jong-In Hong*, Tae-Hyuk Kwon*, Jin Young Kim*
J. Mater. Chem. C (IF=0) 2(47), 10195-10200 (2014.12.21). (Link)
[106] Synthesis of the Copolymer Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole with Didecyl Chain for OPVs
Suhee Song, Seo-Jin KoTaehyo Kim, Hyunmin Shin, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim* and Hongsuk Suh*
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. (IF=0.491) 600(1), 88-98 (2014.12). (Link

[105] High-yield synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanoparticles as anode materials of lithium ion batteries via photosensitizer-assisted pyrolysis
Seongbeom Kim1, Chihyun Hwang1, Song Yi Park, Seo-Jin Ko, Hyungmin Park, Won Chul Choi, Jong Bok Kim, Dong Suk Kim, Soojin Park,  Jin Young Kim* and Hyun-Kon Song*
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=0) 2(42), 18070-18075 (2014.11.14). (Link)
[104] High mobility solution-processed hybrid light emitting transistors
Bright Walker1, Mujeeb Ullah1, Gil Jo Chae, Paul L. Burn, Shinuk Cho, Jin Young Kim, Ebinazar B. Namdas* and Jung Hwa Seo*
Appl. Phys. Lett. (IF=3.515) 105(18) 183302 (2014.11.03). (Link)
[103] Boosting the Power Conversion Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Self-Organized Polymeric Hole Extraction Layers with High Work Function
Kyung-Geun Lim, Hak-Beom Kim, Jaeki Jeong, Hobeom Kim, Jin Young Kim*, and Tae-Woo Lee*
Adv. Mater. (IF=15.409) 26(37), 6461-6466 (2014.10.08). (Link)
[102] Size tailoring of aqueous germanium nanoparticle dispersions
Seongbeom Kim, Bright Walker, Song Yi Park, Hyosung Choi, Seo-Jin Ko, Jaeki Jeong, Myoung Hee Yun, Jeong Chul Lee, Dong Suk Kim* and Jin Young Kim*
Nanoscale (IF=6.739) 6(17), 10156-10160(2014.09.07). (Link)
[101] Semi-crystalline photovoltaic polymers with efficiency exceeding 9% in a ~300 nm thick conventional single-cell device
Thanh Luan Nguyen1, Hyosung Choi1, Seo-Jin Ko1, Mohammad Afsar Uddin, Bright Walker, Seungjib Yum, Ji-Eun Jeong, Myoung Hee Yun, Tae Joo Shin, Sungu Hwang, Jin Young Kim* and Han Young Woo*
Energ. Environ. Sci. (IF=15.490) 7(9), 3040-3051 (2014.09.01). (Link)
[100] Cesium-doped methylammonium lead iodide perovskite light absorber for hybrid solar cells
Hyosung Choi1, Jaeki Jeong1, Hak-Beom Kim1, Seongbeom Kim, Bright Walker, Gi-Hwan Kim, Jin Young Kim*
Nano Energy (IF=10.211) 7, 80-85 (2014.07) (Link)
[99] Mixed solvents for the optimization of morphology in solution-processed, inverted-type perovskite/fullerene hybrid solar cells
Hak-Beom Kim1, Hyosung Choi1, Jaeki Jeong1, Seongbeom Kim, Bright Walker, Seyeong Song and Jin Young Kim*
Nanoscale (IF=6.233) 6(12), 6679-6683 (2014.06.21). (Link)
[98] Synthesis of PCDTBT-Based Fluorinated Polymers for High Open-Circuit Voltage in Organic Photovoltaics: Towards an Understanding of Relationships between Polymer Energy Levels Engineering and Ideal Morphology Control
Jonggi Kim1, Myoung Hee Yun1Gi-Hwan Kim, Jungho Lee, Sang Myeon Lee, Seo-Jin Ko, Yiho Kim, Gitish K. Dutta, Mijin Moon, Song Yi Park, Dong Suk Kim, Jin Young Kim*, Changduk Yang*
ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. (IF=5.900) 6(10), 7523-7534 (2014.05.28). (Link)
[97] Inverted colloidal quantum dot solar cells
Gi-Hwan Kim, Bright Walker, Hak-Beom Kim, Jin Young Kim, Edward H. Sargent*, Jongnam Park* and Jin Young Kim*
Adv. Mater. (IF=15.409) 26(20), 3321-3327 (2014.05.28). (Link)
[96] Vapor Coating Method Using Small-Molecule Organic Surface Modifiers to Replace N‑Type Metal Oxide Layers in Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
Hyosung Choi1, Hak-Beom Kim1, Seo-Jin Ko, Gi-Hwan Kim, and Jin Young Kim*
ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. (IF=5.900) 6(9), 6504-6509 (2014.05.14). (Link)

[95] Synthesis of fluorinated analogues of a practical polymer TQ for improved open-circuit voltages in polymer solar cells
Gitish K. Dutta1, Taehyo Kim1, Hyosung Choi, Junghoon Lee, Dong Suk Kim, Jin Young Kim* and Changduk Yang*
Polym. Chem. (IF=5.368) 5(7), 2540-2547 (2014.04.07). (Link)
[94] Semicrystalline D-A copolymers with different chain curvature for applications in polymer optoelectronic devices
Wonho Lee1, Gi-Hwan Kim1, Seo-Jin Ko, Seungjib Yum, Sungu Hwang, Shinuk Cho, Young-Han Shin, Jin Young Kim* and Han Young Woo*
Macromolecules (IF=5.521) 47(5), 1604-1612 (2014.03.11). (Link)
[93] Graphene Oxide Nanoribbon as Hole Extraction Layer to Enhance Efficiency and Stability of Polymer Solar Cells
Jun Liu, Gi-Hwan Kim, Yuhua Xue, Jin Young Kim, Jong-Beom Baek, Michael Durstock, and Liming Dai*
Adv. Mater. (IF=15.409) 26(5), 786-790 (2014.02.05). (Link)
[92] Amine-Based Polar Solvent Treatment for Highly Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
Bo Ram Lee, Eui Dae Jung, Yun Seok Nam, Minbok Jung, Ji Sun Park, Seungjin Lee, Hyosung Choi, Seo-Jin Ko, Na Ra Shin, Young-Kuk Kim, Sang Ouk Kim, Jin Young Kim, Hyung-Joon Shin, Shinuk Cho, and Myoung Hoon Song*
Adv. Mater. (IF=15.409) 26(3), 494-500 (2014.01.22). (Link)
[91] Replacing the metal oxide layer with a polymer surface modifier for high-performance inverted polymer solar cells
Tack Ho Lee1, Hyosung Choi1, Bright Walker, Taehyo Kim, Hak-Beom Kim and Jin Young Kim*
RSC Adv. (IF=3.708) 4(9), 4791-4795 (2014.01). (Link)
[90] Solution-processed CdS transistors with high electron mobility
Bright Walker, Gi-Hwan Kim, Jungwoo Heo, Gil jo Chae, Jongnam Park, Jung Hwa Seo and Jin Young Kim*
RSC Adv. (IF=3.708) 4(7), 3153-3157 (2014.01). (Link)
[89] Silicon nanoparticle size-dependent open circuit voltage in an organic-inorganic hybrid solar cell
Seongbeom Kim*, Jae Hee Lee, Mark T. Swihart, Jeong-Chul Lee*Jin Young Kim*
Curr. Appl. Phys. (IF=2.026) 14(1), 127-131 (2014.01). (Link)
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