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[138] Capillary Printing of Highly Aligned Silver Nanowire Transparent Electrodes for High-Performance Optoelectronic Devices
Saewon Kang1, Taehyo Kim1, Seungse Cho, Youngoh Lee, Ayoung Choe, Bright WalkerSeo-Jin KoJin Young Kim*, and Hyunhyub Ko*
Nano Lett. (IF=13.592) 15(12), 7933–7942 (2015.12.09) (Link)
[137] High-Efficiency Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics via Robust Self-Assembled Monolayers
Gi-Hwan Kim, F. Pelayo Garcia de Arquer, Yung Jin Yoon, Xinzheng Lan, Mengxia Liu, Oleksandr Voznyy, Zhenyu Yang, Fengjia Fan, Alexander H Ip, Pongsakorn Kanjanaboos, Sjoerd Hoogland, Jin Young Kim*, and Edward H. Sargent*
Nano Lett. (IF=13.592) 15(11), 7691–7696 (2015.11.11) (Link)
[136] Syntheses and solar cell applications of conjugated copolymers consisting of 3,3′-dicarboximide and benzodithiophene units with thiophene and bithiophene linkage
Jinwoo Kim, Taehyo Kim, Su Yeon Bang, Juae Kim, Joo Young Shim, Il Kim, Song Yi Park, Ho Hwan Chun, Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh*
Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. C. (IF=5.030) 141(0), 24–31 (2015.10).  (Link)
[135] Control of Charge Dynamics via Use of Nonionic Phosphonate Chains and Their Effectiveness for Inverted Structure Solar Cells
Gyoungsik Kim1, Seyeong Song1, Jungho Lee, Taehyo KimTack Ho LeeBright WalkerJin Young Kim* and Changduk Yang*
Adv. Energ. Mater. (IF=15.230) 5(18), 1500844 (2015.09.23).  (Link)
[134] Interplay of Intramolecular Noncovalent Coulomb Interactions for Semicrystalline Photovoltaic Polymers
Mohammad Afsar Uddin1, Tack Ho Lee1, Shuhao Xu, Song Yi ParkTaehyo KimSeyeong Song, Thanh Luan Nguyen, Seo-jin Ko, Sungu Hwang, Jin Young Kim* and Han Young Woo*
Chem. Mater. (IF=8.535) 27(17), 5997–6007 (2015.09.08).  (Link)

[133] Synthesis and properties of low band gap polymers based on thienyl thienoindole as a new electron-rich unit for organic photovoltaics
Joo Young Shim, Jiyeon Baek, Juae Kim, Song Yi Park, Jinwoo Kim, Il Kim, Ho Hwan Chun, Jin Young Kim and Hongsuk Suh*
Polym. Chem. (IF=5.520) 6(33), 6011–6020 (2015.09.07).  (Link)
[132] Spectroscopically tracking charge separation in polymer:fullerene blends with a three phase morphology
Joseph K. Gallaher, Shyamal K. K. Prasad, Mohammad A. Uddin, Taehyo KimJin Young Kim, Han Young Woo* and Justin M. Hodgkiss*
Energ. Environ. Sci. (IF=20.523) 8(9), 2713-2724 (2015.09.01).  (Link)

[131] Syntheses and Properties of Copolymers with N-Alkyl-2,2'-bithiophene-3,3'-dicarboximide Unit for Polymer Solar Cells
Juae Kim1, Shin Hyun Kim, Taehyo Kim, Joo Young Shim, Dongkyung Park, Jinwoo Kim, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim, and Hongsuk Suh*
Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. (IF=0.797) 36, 2238-2246 (2015.08.27).  (Link)

[130] Syntheses and solar cell applications of conjugated copolymers containing tetrafluorophenylene units
Jinwoo Kim, Taehyo Kim, Nam Hee Kim, Juae Kim, Joo Young Shim, Il Kim, Ho Hwan Chun, Jin Young Kim, Jong Sung Jin, Jong Pil Kim, Euh Duck Jeong*, Hongsuk Suh*
Polymer (IF=3.562) 71(0), 113–121 (2015.08.05).  (Link)
[129] Production of pristine, sulfur-coated and silicon-alloyed germanium nanoparticles via laser pyrolysis
Seongbeom Kim, Song Yi ParkJaeki JeongGi-Hwan Kim, Parham Rohani, Dong Suk Kim, Mark T Swihart* and Jin Young Kim*
Nanotechnology (IF=3.821) 26(30), 305703 (2015.07.31).  (Link)

 Plasmonic Transition via Interparticle Coupling of Au@Ag Core–Shell Nanostructures Sheathed in Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymer for High-Performance Polymer Solar Cell
Eunyong Seo1, Seo-Jin Ko1, Sa Hoon Min, Jin Young Kim* and Byeong-Su Kim*
Chem. Mater. (IF=8.535) 27(13), 4789–4798 (2015.07.14).  (Link)
[127] Trifluoromethyl benzimidazole-based conjugated polymers with deep HOMO levels for organic photovoltaics
Joo Young Shim, Taehyo Kim, Juae Kim, Jinwoo Kim, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh*
Synthetic Metals (IF=2.222) 205(0), 112–120 (2015.07). (Link)

[126] Capacity retention behavior and morphology evolution of Six Ge1−x nanoparticles as lithiumion battery anode
Mingyuan Ge1, Seongbeom Kim1, Anmin Nie, Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, Matthew Mecklenburg, Yunhao Lu, Xin Fang, Chenfei Shen, Jiepeng Rong, Song Yi Park, Dong Suk Kim, Jin Young Kim* and Chongwu Zhou*
Nanotechnology (IF=3.821) 26(25), 255702 (2015.06.26). (Link)

[125] Conjugated polyelectrolyte hole transport layer for inverted-type perovskite solar cells
Hyosung Choi, Cheng-Kang Mai, Hak-Beom KimJaeki JeongSeyeong Song, Guillermo C. Bazan*, Jin Young Kim* & Alan J. Heeger*
Nat. Commun. (IF=10.742) 6(0), 7348 (2015.06.17).  (Link)

[124] Small-Bandgap Polymer Solar Cells with Unprecedented Short-Circuit Current Density and High Fill Factor
Hyosung Choi1, Seo-Jin Ko1Taehyo Kim, Pierre-Olivier Morin, Bright Walker, Byoung Hoon Lee, Mario Leclerc, Jin Young Kim* and Alan J. Heeger*
Adv. Mater. (IF=17.493) 27(21), 3318–3324 (2015.06.03). (Link)

[123] Thienoisoindigo (TIIG)-Based Small Molecules for Understanding of Structure−Property−Device−Performance Correlations
Hyojin Kang1, Su Yeon An1Bright WalkerSeyeong SongTaehyo KimJin Young Kim* and Changduk Yang*   
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=0) 3(18), 9899-9908 (2015.05.14). (Link)
[122] Dithienogermole-Containing Small-Molecule Solar Cells with 7.3% Efficiency: In-Depth Study on the Effects of Heteroatom Substitution of Si with Ge
Mijin Moon1, Bright Walker1, Junghoon Lee, Song Yi Park, Hyungju Ahn, Taehyo KimTack Ho LeeJungwoo Heo, Jung Hwa Seo, Tae Joo Shin, Jin Young Kim* and Changduk Yang*
Adv. Energ. Mater. (IF=15.230) 5(9), 1402044 (2015.05.06) (Link)

[121] 2,7-Carbazole and thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione based copolymers with deep highest occupied molecular orbital for photovoltaic cells
Mohammad Afsar Uddina1, Taehyo Kim1, Seungjib Yum1, Hyosung Choi, Sungu Hwang, Jin Young Kim* and Han Young Woo*
Curr. Appl. Phys. (IF=2.212) 15(5), 654–661 (2015.05.01). (Link)
[120] A Roundabout Approach to Control Morphological Orientation and Solar-Cell Performance by Modulating Side-Chain Branching Position in Benzodithiophene-Based Polymers
Kyu Cheol Lee1, Seyeong Song1, Junghoon Lee, Dong Suk Kim, Jin Young Kim* and Changduk Yang*
Chem. Phys. Chem. (IF=3.360) 16(6), 1305–1314 (2015.04.27). (Link)
[119] Synergistic photocurrent addition in hybrid quantum dot:Bulk heterojunction solar cells
Gi-Hwan KimBright Walker, David Zhitomirsky, Jungwoo HeoSeo-Jin Ko, Jongnam Park, Edward H. Sargent* and Jin Young Kim* 
Nano Energy (IF=10.211) 13(0), 491–499 (2015.04.02). (Link)
[118] Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of alkoxy-benzimidazole containing low band gap polymers
Joo Young Shim, Taehyo Kim, Juae Kim, Jinwoo Kim, Dongkyung Park, Il Kim, Hanyoung Woo, Jin Young Kim, Hongsuk Suh*
Thin Solid Films (IF = 1.867) 580(1), 29–35 (2015.04.01). (Link)
[117] Benzodithiophene-thiophene-based photovoltaic polymers with different side-chains
Thanh Luan Nguyen1, Seyeong Song1Seo-Jin KoHyosung Choi, Ji-Eun Jeong, Taehyo Kim, Sungu Hwang, Jin Young Kim* and Han Young Woo*
J. Polym. Sci., Part A: Polym. Chem. (IF =3.113) 53(7), 854–862 (2015.04.01). (Link)
[116] Synthesis and Physical Properties of Asymmetrical Quaterthiophene Derivatives as Organic Thin-Film Transistor Materials
Baji Shaik, Young Ri Noh, Ho June Choi, Soon Byung Yoon, Myoung Hee YunJin Young Kim and Sang-Gyeong Lee*
Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. (IF =0.793) 36(4), 1215-1220 (2015.04). (Link)

[115] Ultrafast Charge Transfer in Operating Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Chengmei Zhong,* Hyosung Choi, Jin Young Kim, Han Young Woo, Thanh Luan Nguyen, Fei Huang, Yong Cao and Alan J. Heeger*
Adv. Mater. (IF=17.493) 27(12), 2036–2041 (2015.03.25) (Link)
[114] Soft network composite materials with deterministic and bio-inspired designs
Kyung-In Jang, Ha Uk Chung, Sheng Xu, Chi Hwan Lee, Haiwen Luan, Jaewoong Jeong, Huanyu Cheng, Gwang-Tae Kim, Sang Youn Han, Jung Woo Lee, Jeonghyun Kim, Moongee Cho, Fuxing Miao, Yiyuan Yang, Han Na Jung, Matthew Flavin, Howard Liu, Gil Woo Kong, Ki Jun Yu, Sang Il Rhee, Jeahoon Chung, Byunggik Kim, Jean Won Kwak, Myoung Hee Yun, Jin Young Kim, Young Min Song, Ungyu Paik, Yihui Zhang*, Yonggang Huang* and John A. Rogers* 
Nat. Commun.  (IF=10.742) 6(0), 6566 (2015.03.18) (Link)
[113] Improved Performance in Polymer Solar Cells Using Mixed [61]PCBM/[71]PCBM Acceptors
Seo-Jin Ko, Wonho Lee, Hyosung ChoiBright Walker, Seungjib Yum, Seongbeom Kim, Tae Joo Shin, Han Young Woo* and Jin Young Kim*
Adv. Energ. Mater. (IF=15.230) 5(5)1401687 (2015.03.04). (Link)

[112] An Organic Surface Modifier to Produce a High Work Function Transparent Electrode for High Performance Polymer Solar Cells 
Hyosung ChoiHak-Beom KimSeo-Jin KoJin Young Kim* and Alan J. Heeger*
Adv. Mater. (IF=17.493) 27(5), 892-896 (2015.02.04). (Link)
[111] 2,2-dimethyl-2H-benzimidazole based small molecules for organic solar cells
Juae Kim, Joo Young Shim, Seyeong Song, Jinwoo Kim, Il Kim, Jin Young Kim*, Hongsuk Suh* 
Macromo. Res. (IF=1.682) 23(2), 214-222 (2015.02). (Link)

[110] Silver-Based Nanoparticles for Surface Plasmon Resonance in Organic Optoelectronics
Su-Hun Jeong1, Hyosung Choi1Jin Young Kim* and Tae-Woo Lee*
Part. Part. Syst. Char. (IF=0.537) 32(2), 164-175 (2015.02). (Link)

[109] Optimal top electrodes for inverted polymer solar cells
Hye Rim Yeom1Jungwoo Heo1Gi-Hwan KimSeo-Jin KoSeyeong Song, Yimhyun Jo, Dong Suk Kim, Bright Walker* and Jin Young Kim*
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (IF=4.918) 17(3), 2152-2159 (2015.01.21). (Link)

[108] Device Architectures for Enhanced Photon Recycling in Thin-Film Multijunction Solar Cells
Xing Sheng, Myoung Hee Yun, Chen Zhang, Ala'a M. Al-Okaily, Maria Masouraki, Ling Shen, Shuodao Wang, William L. Wilson, Jin Young Kim, Placid Ferreira, Xiuling Li, Eli Yablonovitch, and John A. Rogers*
Adv. Energ. Mater. (IF=15.230) 5(1), 1400919 (2015.01.07)(Link)
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