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[214] Regio-regular alternating diketopyrrolopyrrole-based D1-A-D2-A terpolymers for the enhanced performance of polymer solar cells
Myeongjae Lee1, Taehyo Kim1, Hoai Van T. Nguyen, Hye Won Cho, Kyung-Koo Lee, Jong-Ho Choi, BongSoo Kim* and Jin Young Kim*
RSC Adv. (IF=3.049) 9(72), 42096-42109 (2019.12.18) (Link)

[213] Synthesis of Alkoxyacene-Based Random Copolymers and Binary Solvent Additive for High Efficiency Organic Photovoltaics
Hee Jeong Shin1, Chung Sun1, Hye Won Cho, Bo Ram Lee, Jin Young Kim*, Soon-Ki Kwon*, Yun-Hi Kim*, and Hyosung Choi*
Macromol. Chem. Phys (IF=2.622) 220(24), 1900409 (2019.12) (Link)

[212] A thermally stable, barium stabilized α-CsPbI3 perovskite for optoelectronic devices
Sandeep Kajal1, Gi-hwan Kim1, Chang Woo Myung, Yun Seop Shin, Junu Kim, Jaeki Jeong, Atanu Jana, Jin Young Kim*, and Kwang S. Kim*
J. Mater. Chem. A  (IF=10.733) 7(38), 21740-21746 (2019.10.14) (Link)

[211] Slot-Die and Roll-to-Roll Processed Single Junction Organic Photovoltaic Cells with the Highest Efficiency
Jeongjoo Lee1, You-Hyun Seo1, Sung-Nam Kwon, Do-Hyung Kim, Seokhoon Jang, Hyeonwoo Jung, Youngu Lee, Hasitha Weerasinghe, Taehyo Kim, Jin Young Kim, Doojin Vak*, and Seok-In Na*
Adv. Energy Mater. (IF=24.884) 9(36), 1901805 (2019.09.26) (Link)

[210] Methylammonium Chloride Induces Intermediate Phase Stabilization for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
Minjin Kim1, Gi-Hwan Kim1, Tae Kyung Lee1, In woo Choi, Hye Won Choi, Yimhyun Jo, Yung Jin YoonJae Won KimJiyun Lee, Daihong Huh, Heon Lee*, Sang Kyu Kwak*, Jin Young Kim*Dong Suk Kim*
Joule (IF=)  3(9), 2179-2192 (2019.09.18) (Link)

[209] Study of Burn-in Loss in Green Solvent-Processed Ternary Blended Organic Photovoltaics Derived from UV-Crosslinkable Semiconducting Polymers and Nonfullerene Acceptors
Junwoo Lee1, Jae Won Kim1, Sang Ah Park, Sung Yun Son, Kyoungwon Choi, Woojin Lee, Minjun Kim, Jin Young Kim*, Taiho Park*
Adv. Energy Mater.  (IF=24.884)  9(34), 1901829 (2019.09.12) (Link)

[208] Enhancement of sub-bandgap light absorption in perovskite semiconductor films via critical coupling
Byung Hoon Woo1, In Cheol Seo1, Jungwoo Heo1Yung Jin YoonJin Young Kim*, and Young Chul Jun*
Optics Express  (IF=3.561)  27(18), 25293-25304 (2019.09.02) (Link)

[207] Vivid and Fully Saturated Blue Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Ligand Modified Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
Yun Seop Shin1, Yung Jin Yoon, Kang Taek Lee, Jaeki Jeong, Song Yi Park, Gi-Hwan Kim* and Jin Young Kim* 
ACS Appl. Mater. Interface (IF=8.456)  11(26), 23401-23409 (2019.07.03) (Link)

[206] Pseudohalides in Lead-Based Perovskite Semiconductors
Bright Walker1, Gi-Hwan Kim1, Jin Young Kim*
Adv. Mater.  (IF=25.809) 31(20), 1807029 (2019.05.17) (Link)

[205] Underwater Organic Solar Cells via Selective Removal of Electron Acceptors near the Top Electrode
Jaemin Kong1, Dennis Nordlund, Jong Sung Jin, Sang Yup Kim, Sun-Mi Jin, Di Huang, Yifan Zheng, Christopher Karpovich, Genevieve Sertic, Hanyu Wang, Jinyang Li, Guoming Weng, Francisco Antonio, Marina Mariano, Stephen Maclean, TengHooi Goh, Jin Young Kim*, and Andre D. Taylor* 
ACS Energy Lett (IF=16.331)  4(5), 1034-1041 (2019.05.10) (Link)

[204] Synergistic combination of amorphous indium oxide with tantalum pentoxide for efficient electron transport in low-power electronics
Song Yi Park1Jungwoo Heo1Yung Jin YoonJae Won Kim, Hyungsu JangBright Walker*, and
 Jin Young Kim
J. Mater. Chem. C (IF=6.641) 7(15), 4559-4566 (2019.04.21) (Link)

[203] Morphology-Dependent Hole Transfer under Negligible HOMO Difference in Non-Fullerene Accecptor-Based Ternary Polymer Solar Cells
Taehyo Kim1Jungwoo Heo1, Ji Young LeeYung Jin YoonTack Ho LeeYun Seop Shin, In-Sik Kim, Hyojung Kim, Mun Seok Jeong, In-Wook Hwang, Bright Walker, Pil Sung Jo, Bogyu Lim*
, and Jin Young Kim
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF=8.456) 11(7), 7208-7215 (2019.02.20) (Link)

[202] Morphological and Optical Engineering for High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells
Seo-Jin Ko1Jungwoo Heo, Byoung Hoon Lee, Su Ryong Ha, Sujoy Bandyopadhyay, Hong Joo Cho, Hyosung Choi*,
 and Jin Young Kim
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF=8.456) 11(5), 4705-4711 (2019.02.06) (Link)

[201] The optimization of intermediate semi-bonding structure using solvent vapor annealing for high performance p-i-n structure perovskite solar cells
Gi-Hwan Kim1Jaeki JeongYung Jin YoonHyungsu JangSeongbeom KimJongdeuk SeoJin Young Kim*
Organic Electronics (IF=3.680)  65, 300-304 (2019.02) (Link)

[200] Indoloindole-based small molecule bulk heterojunction small molecule solar cells
Min Jae Sung1, Na Gyeong An1, Canjie Wang, Yun-Hi Kim*Jin Young Kim*, Soon-Ki Kwon*
Dyes and Pigments (IF=3.473) 161, 419-426 (2019.02) (Link)

[199] Ultrathin, lightweight and flexible perovskite solar cells with an excellent power-per-weight performance
Saewon Kang1, Jaeki Jeong1, Seungse Cho, Yung Jin Yoon, Seungyoung Park, Seongdong Lim, Jin Young Kim*, and Hyunhyub Ko*
J. Mater. Chem. A (IF=9.931) 7(3), 1107-1114 (2019.01.21) (Link)